We are Live Stream Sunday 10:30am and Wednesday 7:00pm (please note the new time for Wednesday Evening)

April 11, 2020

Hello Everyone, very excited to share Resurrection Sunday via Livestream Sunday morning! This year we will NOT have Son-Rise service at 7am so please tune in at 10:30am via Livestream…

For the first time since CCC was established we will be doing something totally different – We will have Pastors Vinny, Paul and Joe each speak for about 10-15 minutes successively and give their unique perspective on the Resurrection, so you will get a well-balanced Spiritual diet 

Please remember to contact us with any needs you might have whether counseling, prayer, or physical needs. Our doors are open during the week to serve you. We also are offering ‘Virtual Visits’ to those who are under quarantine because they might be infected OR because they are immuno-compromised and can not take the chance of getting anything from us. We are available in person at the church or by phone or email. We can be contacted at 732 521 0382 or email us at contacts@cccrossfields.org

In addition, on Monday we will be continuing our 3-4 minute devotional videos posted on this facebook group. If you are new to the group we have probably posted close to 50 at this point, you may have to scroll down to find them all. Christine is welcome to post on this announcement regarding updates to anything previously mentioned. 

Have a blessed day, Pastor Joe and Staff

April 7, 2020

Hello Everyone, several more updates regarding how we as a church are trying to adapt to the new normal that we are in…..
Reminding everyone that our Wednesday evening sermons are on Livestream which starts at 7:00pm not 7:30pm. This Wednesday we will be having our Question and Answer session from questions that the church body has provided on the pink index cards so please join us for that.
We are also working on ‘Virtual Visits’ which our staff will be discussing tomorrow morning and hoping to have it up and running this week. There are some in our church body that are sick and/or under quarantine and can not have visitors or they are immuno-suppressed and can not take the chance of getting sick so we are going to try to set something up where the Pastors can visit them remotely so please stay tuned and put in your requests if you fall under that category.
We are still making appointments for those that want to come to the church for counseling or anything else that might be needed. As ive stated before, if the uncertainty of the current state of affairs is causing you emotional stress it does NOT mean that you are less of a person or less of a Christian – ive been doing my own research and finding that the social/psychological cost to the confinements, sicknesses, unemployment, etc may be as great as the physical ones. Sometimes just saying it publicly can bring some reassurance as the readers think ‘im glad its not only me’.
Not only did we add an ‘After Hours’ slot to the left side door to the church but we also put out a bin containing Bibles, Daily Breads, and sermons on CDs if you would like to take them. They are all Free of charge, enjoy them.
Also, 2 people this week had some issues with the ‘Give’ section on the website so we re-formatted it and provide several convenient options to give of your tithes and offerings remotely.
There is also an excavator who is part of our body who is turning the formerly unused ravine at the right side of the church into a park in his spare time. i want to encourage anyone who just wants to pray or relax outside in God’s beautiful natural creation to come and enjoy the beauty, the grass, the birds, the squirrels, maybe hug a tree, etc. there are park benches and a table already set up. (has Pastor Joe lost his mind? no no he really is a nature lover, its ok he raises bees and his wife is a master gardener – ok shhh dont bring it up again)
Lastly, many of the changes we have made have come from your suggestions so please keep those suggestions coming. The philosophy of CCC is not a ‘Nicolaitan’ one where we think we know everything. We truly believe that we are ALL the body of Christ (even though physically separated) and we work together to be an effective church in the community and within. The church phone number is 732 521 0382 and the email address is contact@cccrossfields.org Have a blessed day,
Pastor Joe and Staff