Come To The Table
March 25, 2018

Come To The Table

Passage: Zechariah 9:9
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How many of you out here have a hope of deliverance one day? To be delivered from birthdays, sickness, health problems, stress. You can add to that list anything that is negative. God’s comfort, His strength, His shelter throughout our lives. We all have experienced it to one degree or another. God has plans for us, He has promises for us. If we're older and we've been walking with the Lord, we know that He is a God of His word. It's worth hanging in there. He's worth waiting for. He's worth dying for. Zachariah 9:9 was a prophecy of about four or five hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ. It talked about the King riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Now over 2,000 years later, on this particular day, we celebrate Palm Sunday and the fact that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. When this happened, crowds gathered praising him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Many of them were hoping that they were going to be delivered from the Roman oppression. However, many of them went beyond that claiming that Jesus was their Creator, that he was their Load, that he was their King.